Shocking ! Les mondes surréalistes d’Elsa Schiaparelli – Musée des Arts décoratifs


The spirit of Elsa Schiaparelli’s creation and originality is captured here. The designer has developed a very personal identity strongly inspired by the symbolism and fantasy world. Mythology, Italian antiquity, nature and music are her inspirational influences.

These themes become the patterns for jewelry, buttons, prints and embroideries that take place on the garments of her collections. Mystery and dreams border on the absurd and the strange; they are mixed with bright colors and playful patterns.

Elsa Schiaparelli has strong ties with contemporary artists of the Surrealist movement. Meret Oppenheim designed a fur bracelet for her, which later inspired the famous tea cup. She designed embroideries based on Jean Cocteau’s drawings, and prints created with Salvador Dali, thus demonstrating great creative freedom and avant-gardism.

Created in 1927, the House of Schiaparelli is closed between 1954 and 2012. In 2019, Daniel Roseberry takes over the artistic direction of the collections. His creations are presented throughout the exhibition, mirroring those of the fashion designer from whom they were inspired.


Until January 22, 2023