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Sonia Rykiel

My skills evolved in the atmosphere of Sonia Rykiel, first under the artistic direction of April Crichton and then Geraldo da Conceicao. Rykiel’s artistic universe is rich in materials and the color palettes exude poetry and careful attention to detail.
Embroidery work and textile manipulation are done with one hand in the studio and the other in the workshop: hand sketching or Photoshop editing, color choice, material selection, cutting of fabrics, fraying, folds, inlays, appliques… These processes are followed by the meticulous placement of the embroideries on the workshop-issued pattern.
I engaged in rich and fruitful dialogue with different professionals and embroiderers.
Mission / position:

Embroidery designer


Shows and pre-collections / Spring-summer 2013 - Fall-winter 2013-14 - Spring-summer 2014