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Je ne sais quoi

Louise Aubery shares with freshness and authenticity a message of self-acceptance and body acceptance on social networks. She invites more inclusiveness and body positivism in fashion. With the lingerie brand Je ne sais quoi, currently being created, these values are in line with the desire for comfortable underwear that breaks with traditional models.
The sets are seamless and with second skin finishes, the material is an innovative knit created with castor oil. Offering models for a very wide range of sizes, Je ne sais quoi is aimed to all women and all bodies. By interacting with her community, Louise Aubery proposes to develop the collection in co-creation: choice of colours and shapes, creation of an adapted measuring scale, interactions on the expectations and desires of each one. Videos retrace these exchanges and the path of the brand's creation.
Artistic support for the brand launch: definition of the brand's DNA and history, product development (colour ranges, design, fitting), reflection on the collection plan.
Mission / position:

Designer - Consultant / Artistic support


Brand launch - Summer 2020


Photos - videos credits:

Louise Aubery - My Better Self