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The birth of Maaxine in 2019 was based on the desire to revive the premium blouse. Its founder, Marie-France Gadaud, has chosen to work on this piece of women's wardrobe in two directions. Sometimes printed, sometimes pleated, all models combine a taste for elegance, color and rhythm, a refined and modern aesthetic.
Concerned in being part of a more conscious and sustainable fashion, Maaxine presents capsule collections including several blouses, arriving with the seasons and sold in pre-order. The models and prints are designed in Paris and made in France. The fabrics are selected for their quality: Swiss cotton poplin for the pleated blouses and Italian silk for the prints. Maaxine's commitment to quality craftsmanship and the focus on pleating expertise reinforces its position in the tradition of Parisian luxury.
Artistic support for the development of the brand: definition of the graphic identity of the prints, product development (color ranges, design, fitting), reflexion on the collection plan, communication and shootings.
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Designer - Consultant / Artistic support


Capsule Fall 2020


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