Scenarii 2030 – R3ilab

The Scenarii 2030 conference took place on December 11th, 2018 in the French ministry of Finance in Paris. Like the previous ones, it was organized by the French network R3iLab.
For this edition, the consumer and his behaviors were put at the center of the forecast of what the fashion industry will become in 2030.
It will be, more than ever, in search of meaning and value of use. Sustainable fashion, the end of an oxymoron in 2030?
The customer will be an impatient, creative, ethical citizen. The speakers’ remarks backed these major axes.

The client is hyperconnected through networks, but also ready to wait for a wanted object.
He’s looking for meaning, know-how… and supports a value-based approach. Brands are storytellers that must link desire, sustainability and quality.
The textile industry must work as far upstream as possible in the chain of manufacturing processes; to gain the customer downstream, it is necessary to go back upstream.

Questions that will be asked again and again: Do you use recycled materials? What happens to your products at the end of their life? Can your products be repaired?

In 2030, to be responsible will be = to be militant + to position + to be desirable + to be competitive.
The consumer supports the brand and makes a purchase pact.